Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Is it positive or negative?

              The On Demand Revolution and Media Online has affected me in many different ways because It just creates more of a distraction. Usually when there is nothing on TV, I find something constructive to do like reading a book, playing video games, exercising, or drawing. Now that On Demand, Netflix, and Hulu exist, I always have access to my favorite TV shows and movies no matter where I go. I can't even write a full blog right now without taking at least one or two 30 minute glimpse at the television. I enjoy watching many shows, but I find it almost impossible to multi-task while the TV procures my attention. I have learned that media online adds on to the already time consuming social media websites; However, the On Demand and Media Online has been positively affective because I still treat them as good distractions, sometimes they give me ideas while I am writing and sometimes they help increase my creativity in every day life assessments. Although they can distract me from my educational preferences, I still have the discipline to manage my time around them just like the social networks. The On Demand services help me recollect old episodes of my favorite shows that inspired me in the past when I needed help or Netflix can help me recall movies like "Friday Night  Lights" which helped me better myself as a student-athlete. Hulu is rarely used any way unless I am just desperate to find something to watch online. Hey I am just blogging my thoughts towards television, the screen that used to bring families together and not have a bad influence on the young children. The revolution is really not a dramatic deal to me because television is always positive to me just like most of technology. Is it positive or negative? who knows because it all depends on the person's value towards television show/movies and their priorities in life.